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Abstract creates web, mobile, and desktop applications to improve your business’ efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing user error and inconsistency.


Software Solutions

Abstract creates web, mobile and desktop applications that help our clients improve efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing user error and inconsistency. Our current development experience ranges from Inventory Management Systems (IMS) and Logistical Applications for improved workflow to web/mobile applications for documentation, procedures and diagrams.

Abstract - App Development

“Out-of-the-box software solutions rarely provide the functionality, flexibility, and scalability required for today’s growing companies. Similarly, developing fully custom software solutions from scratch can be very costly. “

To address this divide, Abstract has built an adaptive backend system (HUBxr), and a robust library of logic, suitable for a variety of different software applications. This modular approach significantly cuts costs, while providing the flexibility to still create a customized, 100% solution for our clients. With this unique approach, our clients have experienced increased sales, improved efficiency in operations, and a reduction of cost through document digitization. If you are trying to solve a problem, we can help provide a strategy and solution utilizing the latest software technology.


Schlumberger: QRG Mobile Application

Schlumberger expressed a need to provide their sales team and customers with a useful visual tool to drive and expedite decisions in the field, across geo-markets. Abstract transformed their entire print Quick Reference Guide (QRG) into an interactive, web based application to serve as an on-demand field product reference/sales tool. Additionally, an internal content management system was developed to allow for expanding the app to include any new products that are introduced.


Our Software Solution Workflow

SoftwareProcess-Phased Release


User Requirements Documentation:

The best software does exactly what you expect it to. Whether your goal is to streamline a business process, create a unique experience for your customers, or anything in between, executing your vision requires careful and exhaustive planning. With that in mind, we encourage each of our clients to complete a comprehensive project documentation before they’ve even signed on for a full project. This process produces three essential documents:


Once complete, these documents will serve as the linchpin of your application. Even if you ultimately decide to work with another development partner, you’ll come away with everything you need to ensure your application does what you expect it to.